A Guardian is Garou who is entrusted by the Warder with the safe keeping of the Caern and the Bawn. Guardians may exist in a Pack, or they may simply be a group of Garou who volunteered or were drafted for service.

Being a Guardian is thought to be an honourable post and worthy of Renown because of the great commitment towards the Sept it requires, and because Guardians sacrifice their opportunity to range far and wide off the Bawn to find enemies and other opportunities for renown.

A Guardian is often the first Garou a visitor or new Sept member meets, and thus impressions of the Guardians may also be the first impressions of the Sept to newcomers. As a result, Guardians need to be good representatives, and they are expected to be well-versed in Garou protocol.

In general, a Guardian is must be a role model as well as a capable warrior.

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