Totem of War Background Cost: 5

Hungry, continually hungry, the Griffin murders with lightning claws and feasts thereafter. A swift hunter, the Griffin gives his followers his keen alertness and ties to nature. Red Talons will recognize you as a kindred soul. Predators can communicate directly with Children of the Griffin without a special Gift.


  • Griffin's children are just as alert as he is in the wilderness (+2 on perception/alertness/awareness.).
  • They are very easily able to navigate and survive in both familiar and unfamiliar wilderness.
  • Spirits of predators will sometimes do the Garou minor favors, or provide necessary information. In addition, pack members can, once a month, call upon a mundane predatory animal to help them hunt down a foe.
  • Each pack member can communicate with mundane predators without the need for a special gift. (Since predators tend to be wary of each other, the pack members may not communicate much with these animals.) This does not confer a predator-only version of Spirit Speech.
  • When fighting in a wilderness area, they will have a territorial advantage, gaining both a bonus to initiative, and to swift intelligence (+1 to wits and to initiative.) They also have a chance of doing more damage in such fights. (GM discretion.)


  • Griffin's children get overwhelmed easily in the cities, and due to the profligacy of unfamiliar things, have problems distinguishing the metaphorical forest for the trees. (This is actually because of their high Alertness, but it functions as -2 Wits.)
  • The Griffin requires that his Children not associate with humans, or utilize human creations.
  • Griffin requires his children to try to disrupt human activities and edifices near the edges of wilderness
  • Griffin will only very rarely allow a Garou of the homid breed to be his Child. They must be a feral entity indeed to satisfy the hunter's hunter. In addition, none of his Children may learn (or use) the Gift Smell of Man, and other homid and technology focused Gifts may well fail.

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