All rooms listed in the grid map image below are considered Primary rooms, and should be indicated with a leftmost justified bullet point. Any rooms that do not link to other primary rooms (such as Phoenix Park) should be considered Secondary rooms, and should be included in a list underneath their primary parent room. Tertiary rooms do not need to be included on this list, and should instead be included on a page for their parent room. (Please be mindful of and try to avoid any duplications.)

  • For example, Phoenix Park, a secondary room attached to the "Medical Center, Near the Waterfront" primary room, has several rooms within it. A Phoenix Park page should be made, where all those sundry rooms within can be listed.
  • UPDATE: Please add the Category:Location tag ([[Category:Location]]) at the bottom of any page made this way so we can keep track of them. You can check the Phoenix Park page as an example.

Try to keep like rooms together if possible. It doesn't particularly matter how they are grouped, so long as as all the primary rooms are covered. Feel free to make extra groupings (such as KC, Caern, WWNP). These can always be condensed or expanded later.

A wizard will add missing dbref numbers as time allows. Thanks!


St. Claire Rooms Edit

  • 1763 - Medical Center, Near the Waterfront
    • 3023 - Phoenix Park
    • 2977 - Denny's
    • 801 - Parking Garage
    • 3250 - J. Walter Wilson Labs

Wilderness Rooms Edit

  • 959 - Highway 22, East of Municipal Bridge
    • 2672 - Wal-Mart

Lake Arthur Rooms Edit

  • 1253 - Meadow by Lake Arthur
    • NOTE: South and East exits both lead to below room
  • 2376 - WWNP: Lake Arthur Annex (not set on +compass)
  • 22 - Rocky Beach
  • 1463 - Rock Promontory, East End of Arthur's Island
  • 1591 - Granite Lookout, South End of Arthur's Island
  • 1960 - Grove, Western Side of Arthur's Island
  • 1492 - Cliffs, on the East Side of Arthur's Island

Wolf Woods National Park (WWNP) Rooms Edit

  • 2411 - WWNP: South Forest
    • 3266 - National Park, Oak Clearing
    • 181 - Clearing
  • 1497 - Ranger Station Parking Lot

Bridge/Columbia River Rooms Edit

  • 1829 - Toll Bridge
  • 26 - Municipal Bridge, Center
  • 204 - Surface of the River, Near Harbor Park
  • 79 - Surface of the River, Near the Municipal Bridge
  • 1015 - Eastern Shore of the Columbia River, Under Municipal Bridge

Interstate 90 Rooms Edit

  • 675 - Interstate 90, Near Riverfront Drive

Kent Crossing RoomsEdit

  • 956 - Kent Crossing West Side
  • 945 - Kent Crossing East Side
  • 3819 - Forest North of Kent Crossing
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