Need to find a particular type of location on the grid? I thought it was time there was a directory of grid locations. Not all dbrefs are JUMP_OK, but hopefully the 'District' information will help with locating those that cannot be teleported to. Some locations are in more than one category, this is intentional. As always with a cooperative work like a wiki, do please add and amend as needed.

See also Jump-OK Rooms.

Art Galleries and Exhibition Venues Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Dark Horse Gallery #3909 Art Gallery and Sales Montrose
Phoenix Building #680 Exhibition Center Waterfront

Auto and Bike Repair Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Kakeashi Kijo Garage #308 Auto repair Kent Crossing
Vault (The) #618 Auto repair Industrial Sector
Williams Repair Shop #4112 Uses part of old motorbike repair shop Regan, Bridge, Elson

Bookshops Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Dark Wine and Roses Bookshop #2090 New, used and rare books Riverfront
Golden Apple Books #508 New and used books, CDs Uptown

Cafés, Bars and Restaurants Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Andy's Old Fashioned Donuts #? Small quaint donut shop Regan, Bridge, Elson
Cake Delicatessen #2861 Olde worlde teashoppe Regan, Bridge, Elson
Charlie's Tavern #683 Questionable establishment Regan, Bridge, Elson
Dark Wine and Roses Cafe #2116 Bright, airy café Riverfront
Davenport Hotel #1044 Expensively elegant hotel restaurant Riverfront
Denny's #2977 Denny's restaurant Waterfront
Garcia's Pizza Parlor #2882 Run down but good pizzas Regan, Bridge, Elson
Golden Apple Cafe #250 Homely, pleasant café Uptown
High Note (The) #4043 Jazz club and New Orleans cuisine Riverfront
McDonald's #1393 Small McDonald's Regan, Bridge, Elson
Medina Coffees #2111 Run down coffee shop Industrial Sector
Oriental Regency (The) #222 Opulent oriental restaurant Uptown
Rat and Raven #2828 Attractive pub serving food Midtown
Smilin' Jim's Karaoke Bar #1094 Friendly karaoke bar Midtown
Snakes and Lattes #1664 Board game cafe and coffee shop Midtown
Tin-Yen Chop Suey #2512 Cheap restaurant Regan, Bridge, Elson
White Stag #3056 Kent Crossing bar Kent Crossing

Churches and Religious Establishments Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Saint Uriel's Church #649 Small parish church Uptown
St. Michael's Catholic Church #3005 Large Gothic-styled church Montrose

Civic Buildings and City Services Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
19th Precinct Police Station #550 Police station Elson Commercial District
Athena Library #900 Main city library Civic Center
Bus Station #? Bus depot Regan, Bridge, Elson
City Hall #2346 City Council Chambers Civic Center
Courthouse Off #2346 City law courts Civic Center
Department of Motor Vehicles #? Department of Motor Vehicles Civic Center
Fire Station #? Fire station Regan, Bridge, Elson

Clubs and Nightclubs Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
High Note (The) #4043 Ritzy jazz, rhythm and blues Riverfront
Slaughter House Five #2137 Nightclub for teens Industrial Sector
Smilin' Jim's Karaoke Bar #1094 Friendly Karaoke bar Midtown
Temple #3322 Goth and BDSM Regan, Bridge, Elson

Company Offices Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Alchem #1870 - Financial District
Hilliard Corporation #? - Financial District
GENOM Tower #3168 - Financial District
Terminus Group #1085 Securities and technologies company North End
Winston Plaza #2243 Baldwin-Sahara Diversified and Winston Limited Financial District

Laundromats Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Gold Star Laundromat #44 Clean and mostly working Regan, Bridge, Elson

Media and Advertising Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Channel 23 #1611 Television station offices Midtown
St. Claire Tribune #2673 Newspaper offices Midtown
Stone Stukeley Horrocks #3273 Advertising agency Financial District

Residential Buildings Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
1354 Osprey Drive #3620 Comfortable brownstone Uptown
2970 Concord Street #2970 Well aged apartment building Montrose
4100 West Regan #1783 Run down apartment building Regan, Bridge, Elson
Boarding House #1782 Student accommodations Montrose
Holland Place #4147 Run down apartment complex Regan, Bridge, Elson
McAffee Court #? Run down, low rent housing Regan, Bridge, Elson
Red Mill Apartments #? Run down apartments Regan, Bridge, Elson
Silverton Apartments #2744 Attractive apartments Uptown
Studio 7 Apartments #1260 Clean but tatty apartments Regan, Bridge, Elson
Whispering Pines #3121 Middle class apartment complex Midtown

Schools and Universities Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Howlaák Private School #? School for children of Garou and kin Fifteenth Avenue, Uptown
St. Uriel's #1300 Catholic boarding-school Uptown
St. Claire City University #3990 University West along I-90

Shops, Stores, Groceries, etc. Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Exxon Station Off #2071 Gas station Montrose
Fitzpatrick's Music #3131 Music shop (instruments and sheet music) Riverfront
Greener Side (The) #491 Teas, soaps, candles, oils and herbal ingredients Midtown
Gunbarrel (The) #? Hunting and fishing supplies store Midtown, off Silver Avenue
Midtown Electronics #? Large elecronics showroom Montrose
Quik-Mart #2071 Quik-Mark Montrose
Thompson's Butcher and Deli #2048 Well kept butcher's and deli Regan, Bridge, Elson
Tinker's Rest #2335 Hand-made silver, copper and tin jewellery and goods Midtown
Wal-Mart #2672 Wal-Mart Highway 22
Yellow River Medicine Shop #2887 Asian market Elson Commercial District

Sports, Fitness and Leisure Edit

Name Grid reference Details District
Harbor Park #194 City park and fountain Regan, Bridge, Elson
Marina #1040 Yacht and powerboat marina Riverfront
Phoenix Park #3023 Skate park, swimming pool, outdoor sports Waterfront
Silver Avenue #? St. Claire Sports Facility Midtown
St. Claire Gun Club #3270 Indoor shooting range Midtown
Studio 7 #1753 Gym, fitness and dance studio Regan, Bridge, Elson
Wolf Woods National Park #3292 National Park and Campground Highway 22

Tribe headquarters Edit

Note: These locations are invitation-only to non-Tribe members, and characters must be informed ICly before they would be aware of them.
Name Grid reference Details District
Old Rail Station Under construction (web) Children of Gaia Industrial Sector, Southwest Side (intended)
Greek House #3032 Black Fury Sunrise Road
Grotto #2863 Fianna North of I-90
Old Library #868 Bone Gnawer Regan Avenue, Downtown
Rainbow Lake #2713 Wendigo and Uktena Blue Mountains
Roadhouse Construction Site #259 Silent Striders East of Toll Bridge, North of I-90
Tenement Building (5th Floor) #2451 Glass Walker Regan, Bridge, Elson
Thunder Cave #1410 Shadow Lord Blue Mountains
Two Eagle's Bluff #3332 Wendigo Blue Mountains
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