Greysky (Fallen)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Composition: Black Spiral Dancers
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History Edit

This was first known as Stark Memorial, founded in the late 1890s. It is named after Ken Stark, a falsely disgraced garou who sacrificed himself to prevent the Wyrm from disrupting the caern building rite. The Sept's activities are done under the cover of the Center for Economic and Environmental Sustainability, a corporate environmental think tank.

The Sept's two main factions are Corporate Wolves and the Wise Guys. The Corporate Wolves took control of the Sept in 1986. Alpha Lester Rivers managed for some time to keep the sept from civil war, but eventually he finally failed to balance the politics in the caern, and the Corporate Wolves now largely hold the power. The alpha has had a loss of face and power in the caern, largely overshadowed by the Warder and his pack of Corporate Wolves, along with the strong Guardian pack that holds the Warder in power. Bone Gnawers have found the caern less and less friendly. Dog-Eat-Dog, however, does buffer the poor reaction to the Gnawers, considering them totem-kin.

However, sometime in the early 2000s, Grey Sky fell to Black Spiral Dancers. It is currently a well developed hive for the fallen tribe; the last Glass Walker-led war party from the Hidden Walk to hunt Black Spiral Dancers in that area, was ambushed and sustained fatalities. John Smith and Kate Coneff died in that assault in 2002; there have been no publicly known attacks on Grey Sky since.

Former Residents Edit

  • Carl
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