Vital StatsEdit


Gren in her (poorly photo-manipulated) wolf form.

  • Name: Gren; Climbs-the-Tree-of-Nonsense; Gathers-Pain-Like-Flowers.
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Metis
  • Auspice: Ragabash
  • Tribe: Bone Gnawer
  • Rank: Cliath
  • Date of Birth: January 30, 1987


Gren was born to a traditional Fianna sept, and was thusly cast out and taken in by the Bone Gnawers. She's always been at the bottom rung of the hierarchy, but she likes it that way: gives her more room to wriggle around. She's sweet, understanding, and a little bit crazy.

She started first the the Caern of the White Rock. After a lot of tussling, the Bone Gnawers from that sept migrated to Sept of the Salt Lake which fell to Spirals, and later arrived at Sept of the White Stag, which fell for currently unknown reasons. She arrived at the of the Hidden Walk with Rayanna, fleeing from White Stag.


Gren sketched by Foxling (her player).


Gren's metis deformities are thus:

Dulled Senses: Gren can't feel pain, heat, or cold. She /can/ feel pressure, and has a million and a half little tricks to determine whether she should check herself for overheating, hypothermia, missing intestines, etc. She gains no pleasure from contact, but she can still feel the tactile sensation. Things like hugs, kisses, and sex just confuse her.

Wolf Eyes/Green Hair: She's got green hair and fur, which means she can't pass for a normal wolf/dog in the city, and though she might camouflage a *little* better in the forest, she's *NEON GREEN* so she sticks out fairly well. Her eyes are also lupine-level of sense in all forms, so her sight in homid is terrible. She is extremely far-sighted and spots movement better than still objects. Her hearing and scent have made up for that to some extent, but it's still within human abilities: nothing supernatural there.

Hallucinations: Gren has Past Lives 2. She also has hallucinations. About 1/4 of her hallucinations are from Past Lives. The rest? She's just crazy. She can't tell the difference, and thinks that all this info comes from the same benign source. She also thinks she's probably born on the cusp of theurge/raggy, because she gets these "visions." But no, she was born on the straight-up new moon.

Relevant StatsEdit

Average Physicals, high Perception, Charisma 4, Appearance 3. Past Lives 2, Rites 3, Totem 5. 5 WP, 5 Gnosis, 1 Rage.


Rites Edit

Minor Rites Level 1 Rites Level 2 Rites
Captured Dreams Rite Of Silence Rite Of The Shopping Cart
Dance Of Lights Rite Of The Cardboard Palace
Feed The Earth Rite Of Talisman Dedication
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