The world of Garou is a gothic-punk version of our own. While in many ways similar, the feel is very different. Gothic-Punk is a film noir environment, where the cities are huge and gloomy, the bureaucrats corrupt, and the important people have skeletons in their closets. It is a world of extremes. The rich are filthy rich, the poor are much more numerous and visible.

Gothic describes the world's features -- massive, brooding, dark, and ominous. The sense of corruption and conspiracy is everywhere; everything seems done with ulterior motives. The church is enormous and ritualistic, resembling the medieval Catholic Church. There is a sense of deep foreboding, and there always seems to be a storm in the sky.

Punk completes the equation. The youth and street culture rebel against the establishments with words, dress, music, and often violence. Crime is more rampant, and the people are tougher and more cynical. Cities are dominated by street gangs and underground clubs.

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