• Name: Sept of the Golden Gate
  • Location: San Francisco, California (Hippie Hill, Golden Gate Park)
  • Composition: mainly Children of Gaia and Fianna, with quite a few Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers, some Black Furies
  • Totem: Unknown
  • Nature: Unknown
  • Level: Unknown
  • Sept Alpha: Peace Rafferty
  • Caern Warder: Diarmuid "Summer Knight" McKeown
  • Moon Bridges: Unknown

  • Former Residents: April, Sue
  • Visitors:
  • OOC Contact: Cari


San Francisco's Sept of the Golden Gate is more like a loose confederation, which protects a low-powered Caern in the park itself and a more powerful Caern located north of the city proper. There are also several Glades in and around San Francisco which serve as gathering places and protectorates for the members of a large and fairly dispersed Sept. It is centered in the Haight-Ashbury, and particularly at Hippie Hill (a stretch of Golden Gate Park opposite Haight Street which serves as a gathering place for drum circles, impromptu performances, and poetry readings). Predominantly run by Children of Gaia since the opening of a Golden Gate Caern during the Summer of Love, the Sept also holds a strong contingent of Fianna, as well as a group of (mainly Italian) Glass Walkers. The Haight's ties to Faerie are well known among the Fianna; the West Coast has some of the strongest trods in the New World. The Sept also has some Black Furies, and Black Fury kinfolk in San Francisco with ties to Golden Gate; unlike the rest of the generally liberal sept, the Black Furies in Golden Gate are known for being fairly traditional and hard-line on some things, close to tribal stereotypes.

Known NPCs:

  • Antonia ~Lies-to-Defeat-the-Wyrm~, Sue's birth mother, Fostern Ragabash at the time of his birth. After Sue's birth in 2003, was branded for charach and exiled from the Sept, current status unknown; Sara ~Walks-to-the-Sky~ Zahakis, Sue's foster-mother, Fostern Theurge, status unknown when the Sept fell; Galene Zahakis, Sue's 'grandmother', well-connected Fury kin, made it to Western Eye.
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