Glory represents all the mighty, valorous triumphs accomplished by a Garou. To charge against the massed forces of the Wyrm, to grapple with a leech, to defend the weak from the predations of fomori; all of these ring of Glory. By the completion and telling of such deeds, a Garou increases Glory. Acts of benevolence and compassion also enhance Glory. Individuals with great Glory revered; these Garou possess splendor and brilliance above normal ken.

The Glory Creed: I shall be valorous. I shall be dependable. I shall be generous. I shall protect the weak. I shall slay the Wyrm.

An example of Glory:

William Bright-Spear, Ahroun at large, finds himself face to face with an ambushing duo of Fomori during one of his late night jaunts! Knowing that he is the only one standing between the minions of the Wyrm and his friends, he bravely enters into combat, achieving victory only after being severely wounded!

Meanwhile, at her Sept, Yvonne Soft-as-Thunder has just defeated her archrival among the Garou in a Challenge. Her opponent lies bleeding before her. Throwing her animosity aside for the moment, Yvonne bends down and does what she can to heal the bleeding foe.

BOTH William and Yvonne achieve quite a bit of glory from their deeds, William from his martial prowess, and Yvonne from the unstinting compassion she shows. The war against the Wyrm is waged on many fronts.

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