Glass Walkers Tribal Glyph

Most Garou find the city to be a hellish nightmare, a concrete abyss gaping to swallow them and their way of life whole. Not the Glass Walkers. These quirky and rebellious Garou long ago adapted to the city and are now the purveyors of technology and wealth. Willing to accept the changing urban landscape, and involved in various less-than-savory activities therein, the Glass Walkers are perhaps the least trusted Garou, but between their connections, their wealth, and the hordes of urban elementals they command, few dare to express that distrust openly.

Glass Walkers have always been exploring the spiritual sides of their urban homes, looking for new and changed spirits that rise out of the interaction of glass, steel, flesh, and hope. The Glass Walkers battle vampires continually, but for the most part their activities fit neatly into day-and-night cycles: the Glass Walkers ruling the cities by day, the vampires taking over at night. Many a Glass Walker elder has made tentative peace treaties with the Prince of a city, only to have them broken by this anarch or that young Garou. There can be no lasting peace between the two species. They are, no matter how they try to adapt, enemies in spirit.

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