• Name: Sept of the Glass Spire
  • Location: Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, India
  • Composition: Glass Walker and Bone Gnawer
  • Totem: Macaque
  • Nature:
  • Level: Two
  • Sept Alpha:
  • Caern Warder:
  • Moon Bridges:

  • Former Residents: Kavi
  • Visitors:
  • OOC Contact: Kavi


Glass Spire has a long history and uneasy partnership with Kamiir Nadi, the nearby Fury only sept.
There have been ongoing attacks back and forth between the sept and a Dancer Hive for years, with neither side strong enough to destroy the other.

Persons of Note:

Root - Fostern Glass Walker Theurge. Seer who predicted the Dancer assault on the Sept in 2004.


Nestled within the city of Bhuj, by Harmisar Lake and Rajendra Park.
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