Get of Fenris Tribal Glyph

It is said among the Garou that the Get of Fenris would gladly allow themselves to be devoured by a Wyrm demon just so they could rip out its tongue before they died. The harbingers of war and destruction, the Get of Fenris are savage berserkers who live for combat. Always on the front line in the war against the Wyrm, the bloodlust and rage of the Get is unnerving even to other Garou, who note with shock how they throw themselves heedless and howling into their foes.

The Get of Fenris have strong ties to Scandinavia, and as a rule they prefer to breed with those of Scandinavian descent. Within the Get, a strong faction exists that proposes the superiority of the Nordic people to all others. This attitude, combined with the Get tendency to take occupied caerns in danger of falling to the Wyrm in order to protect them makes the Get an tribe unpopular with many other groups of Garou, especially Native American tribes such as the Wendigo and Uktena. Philosophically, the Get see the need for total, all-out war with humanity in order to prepare the Garou for the impending final conflict with the Wyrm, which is known as Ragnarok in their legends. However much they desire this, they realize it would be futile without the assistance of the other Garou, and spend great effort making converts among the other tribes.

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