GarouMUSH is set in and around the fictitious city of Saint Claire in Washington State and the Caern of the Hidden Walk, a powerful Caern near that city. Originally a mining town, St. Claire has grown into a modern center of trade with roughly a million people, and has all the facilities (and problems) of a city that size. It has several suburbs, all to the west of the city. Most of the land to the east of town is forested, and is held as either National or State Park land or private land, with the exception of Kent Crossing Township.

Comparison to RLEdit

St. Claire is located in Eastern Washington State and sits at a point where the Columbia River runs roughly north-south, and US Interstate 90 crosses the river. This location is equivalent with Gingko Petrified Forest State Park in real life, which in-game is replaced with Wolf Woods National Park. The ecology and climate of Eastern Washington (semi-arid shrub-steppe and grassland) are replaced with a forested region and an additional mountain range (the Blue Mountains) for the immediate area around St. Claire. The real-life environs of Eastern Washington re-occur just to the east of the Blue Mountains and south of St. Claire towards the Hanford site.


St. Claire is the county seat of Gerlord County which includes St. Claire and the western suburbs thereof. The boundary between Gerlord County and Regan County to the east is the Columbia River. Hence, St. Claire didn't expand east past the county line (the river) but instead westward.

Additionally, St. Claire's police force has no legal jurisdiction east of the Columbia River which has its own county sheriff's department and county commissioner.


Maps of St. Claire

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