• Name: Gawain Galadyne
  • Other Names: None known to author
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Tribe: Silver Fang
  • Date of Birth: circa 1970
  • Positions: Former vampire hunter and star-crossed lover. Currently, fertilizer.


  • Creation Date: 1996
  • Departure Date: 1998 (Killed by Velia under orders from Silver Fang elder Scott ~Spirit-of-Words~

Notes: Gawain came and left the Sept in a storm of controversy. Prior to coming to the attention of the sept, Gawain was a vampire hunter, and he first came to the attention of the sept when Scott stopped him from killing the then-cub Peter Wainright. Gawain was immune to the Delerium, and it was discovered that this was because he was Silver Fang kinfolk. Gawain was injured in the encounter, and healed by Sioban when the Stargazer used her Mother's Touch gift. Gawain was then given over to Dr. Marissa Jackson for care and teaching, another move that raised eyebrows and earned the muttered disapproval of the sept's Philodox, particularly Megan.

Gawain's relationship with Sioban blossomed over the next few years, despite his attempts to keep the affair secret. When it was made public, it became the cause of much strife amongst the Silver Fangs, who felt that Gawain's Pure Blood must not be diluted by mating with other tribes. The issue came to a confrontation in 1998, when Scott Spirit-of-Words, by then the tribal elder, claimed that Sioban's refusal to divest herself of the kinfolk was a de facto challenge. A tense showdown ensued, with neither side backing down, and Scott eventually ordered Velia Iceheart to kill the kinfolk. Velia followed through on the elder's order. Scott then stepped down as elder, handing over leadership to Velia on the spot. Siobhan was distraught, and went to the Caern with the intent of killing herself; the other Garou forced her to leave the area rather than defile the Caern, and she slit her wrists off in the woods and thus committed suicide.

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