Gaia Glyph

Gaia, the earth, the goddess for whom Garou live and die. Gaia made the earth and everything in it, and she loves her creations and grows greater through them. The ocean is her blood, the forest her heart, the soil her body. Garou legend has it that they were created to be her guardians against illness, and that when they die, their essence is released back unto her, to be reborn and start the cycle anew.

Gaia is generally held to be the supreme spirit, and the Triat of Weaver, Wyld, and Wyrm are her subordinates in creation. Gaia is said to have created the Incarnae, including the Totem spirits. Garou widely believe that Gaia is sick, and that the Wyrm has become too powerful and upset the balance, and that the coming Apocalypse will either destroy Gaia forever or at great sacrifice bring about a new balance.

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