A quick guide for GMs resolving conflict resolutionEdit

  1. GMs need only be called in by one party in a dispute, although we really encourage people to work out conflict in OOC page with an eye towards story.
  2. Follow the Rules in the Introductory Document, common sense, and dramatic attention to the story in making your decisions. Do not use Icky White Wolf Rules, except subconsciously, and *only* as a subordinate to the IC circumstances. Thou shalt not quote rules.
  3. GMs may kill people. GMs may not kill people indiscriminately, or on a whim. Make judgments with an eye and bias towards life, applying involuntary death only in those situations where rules, IC circumstances, and dramatic sense indicate that it should occur. Apply death sparingly.
  4. GM decisions may be appealed. GMs should inform all parties of this option. The appeal shall always take place after the scene has been judged, and therefore there shall be no whining. The parties, should they be grievously offended, are allowed single appeal to the wizards, who will either uphold or commute the ruling; in these circumstances, the wizard decision shall be final.

A piece of adviceEdit

Be sure to remember to look at the stats of characters in a situation you are GMing by using +sheet. The information can be useful in trying to resolve the conflict.

One final piece of adviceEdit

In general, GMed conflicts proceed most smoothly when the GM requires the characters in the conflict to make their poses in the form of attempts, and allow the GM to @emit the resolution or effects of those attempts. For example:

GM says, "All right, this is now a GMed situation. Pose your actions in the form of attempts, and I'll emit the results."

Garou1 leaps at Garou 2, trying to catch his shoulder in his jaws...

Garou2 throws herself violently to the side, attempting dodge her foe's deadly grasp...

GM @emits: Garou1 makes an admirable grab for Garou2, but she's simply too quick; she dances aside as he rushes forward, and his jaws snap down on air, missing entirely.

(More posed attempts and resolutions follow in sequence)

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