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Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 8

Though small, Frog carries a respect among the Garou that belies her meager size, especially among the Uktena and Wendigo. Like Gaia's chosen, Frog is a shapeshifter spirit and a predator. As a spirit of change, bound by the changing water levels brought by tides and temperature, Frog is associated with the seasonal cycle, as well as with both Luna and Helios. If asked properly, Frog will guard her children's lands well and make them prosper, and her many years of guarding caerns have made her a highly honored totem.


  • Frog’s children are seen as quite Honorable.
  • Frog is well versed in the natural cycle. She grants her children access to the Gift: Elemental Favor (limited to fire, wind, water, earth). This includes the creation of rain.
  • As a shapeshifter herself, Frog shares her skills with the pack. None of her children need spend a Rage for an automatic shift and may easily transform parts of their body (as the Merit: Metamorph). If knocked unconscious, they may choose a form to take.
  • Followers of Frog have an instinctive knowledge of swimming.
  • As an ancient totem associated with fertility, once in their lifetime an active follower of Frog may spend 1 permanent Gnosis to guarantee their odds of conceiving at least one offspring with a chosen mate with a higher chance of multiples as proper for their breed. Garou who choose this method frequently seek out the best and purest mate they can. Or by spending 3 permanent Gnosis, they may conceive a clone of themselves through parthenogenesis (for females) or sire such a duplicate offspring (for males). This child will contain the same base attribute stats (stats prior to learns, ranks, freebies, etc) of their parent. This includes at least 1 dot of Pure Breed due to the concentrated blood in addition to what they may otherwise have, to a max of 5. Only one of these methods may be chosen and the boon is used up forever. Garou folklore claims children born with the blessings of Frog are more likely to inherit the shifting blood due to Frog’s own nature as a shapeshifter. (Wiz discretion, potentially better odds of producing a Garou child). Kinfolk born by this method are frequently watched closely by their relatives for oddities (like hedge magic) and are sought as mates for Garou in the belief the may produce Garou children more frequently. Metis, obviously, are barred from such a boon.


  • The scientific community sees Frog as an indicator of an ecosystem’s health. She is strongly sensitive to poisons and her fragile skin dries out in the absence of moisture. Her children suffer an additional die of Aggravated damage for Poison and Fire and heal slower from its effects. Even something as common as too much fast food may cause them some grief due to the amount of questionable ingredients.
  • Once per season, Frog expects her children to undergo a ritual cleansing as a pack. Extended fastings, sweat lodges, and other methods of physical purification are common.
  • Frog's followers must keep their territory pure and are rarely found in urban areas due to the difficulty of this.
  • As a totem of the seasons, her children find themselves sluggish during the winter months (December, January, February in the northern hemisphere). (GM Discretion. Examples of impacted actions may include: initiative, Wits, using or rolling Rage, and multiple actions in a turn, among others where an energetic reaction is required. Spending Willpower may allow them to avoid this for a single turn.)

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