Name: Freya Francis

Former Names: nee Freya Gustafson Chalakkal Freya Rose Francis

Gender: Female

Breed: Human

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Date of Birth: (to be confirmed)


Creation Date: 2005

Departure Date: N/A

Freya Francis is the wife of Garou Dillen Francis, mother of their infant daughter Gretchen Francis, and sister of Dillen's former pack Alpha Brom Gustafson with whom she grew up in the Sept of the White Oak, Ohio. Freya was also a close friend of Rillie Gustafson from their childhood, and came to St Claire shortly after Brom and Rillie's marriage following an episode where an overly alcoholic celebration of the wedding led to a sexual encounter with Dillen and a pregnancy, followed shortly by Dillen being beaten to within an inch of his life by Brom and told bluntly that he would do the right thing by his sister or else.

Fortunately for both Dillen and Freya, they discovered that they had more than chemistry in common, and Dillen has proved fiercely protective and proud of his wife and chile, while Freya in turn is clearly devoted to the fighty young song-moon.

Freya's academic studies as a sports science major at SCCU have been delayed for at least a year until Gretchen grows enough to be away from her mother for any time; original plans for Freya and Rillie to share babysitting duties fell apart when Brom and Rillie returned to Ohio in early 2006, shortly before Gretchen's birth.

Freya is a sturdy, blond-haired young woman of taller than average height, while Gretchen is now approaching four months in age and is just starting to show signs of personality.

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