Freebie points allow a player to further personalize his or her character after character generation. Most characters start out with 10 freebie points to spend. Freebie points can only be spent within two weeks of character creation (note: if you are trying to spend available freebies past the first two weeks, please contact your -reg wizard). Your current character stats may be accessed with the command "+sheet".

If you're not sure what values are covered in a given option listed in "+freebie/list", simply type "+freebie/option <option name>"; "+freebie/option willpower" will return 'Willpower' while "+freebie/option attribute" will return the list of attributes. Be warned: Some of these are quite spammy.

Garou characters may type "+gifts" (see "+help gifts") to see what additional Rank:1 gifts your character is eligible to know that can be purchased with freebies. For descriptions of the different Backgrounds or individual Gifts, see "+help info".

NOTE: Please think carefully on how you decide to spend your available freebie points. There is no undo command. If you do change your mind about a +freebie expenditure, please contact a wizard to have it corrected.

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