Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 5

Quiet and mysterious, Fog, once the wind god Aeolus, gives his Children the ability to hide, sneak and conceal. Fog hides many secrets in his murky interior. Fog teaches his Garou the value of patience and subtlety. The Children of Fog gain in subterfuge and stealth skills, and find it easier to see through the mists surrounding the mysteries of the world. Uktena, Stargazers, and some Black Furies favor this Totem.


  • Children of Fog are very good at keeping secrets, so good that quite often, people don't know they're keeping any. (+1 bonus to Manipulation rolls in such circumstances.)
  • They are also quite good at ferreting out other people's secrets, and hidden information of all kinds, in particular the obscure and the magical; they're better at it if they're prepared for it to take some time. (+1 to seeking/exploring/enigmas type rolls, +2 if they're willing to be methodical/slow about it.)
  • One pack member at a time may use the Gift: Curse of Aeolus, but only if they are helping to hide or conceal something, be it an action or a physical thing.
  • Once per moon cycle, each pack member may spread a thick coat of silence in amongst a naturally or Gift-produced fog; all sounds are absorbed for an hour, or until the pack member speaks. (As per Rite of Silence.)


  • Their skill at keeping secrets can be a double edged sword, as people tend to assume they're hiding something, for they are Children of Fog. They may get Observed Closely during times of stress, for example.
  • They must protect hidden knowledge, or run the risk of offending the Totem. If a Child of Aeolus reveals a major secret to someone outside his Sept, he loses a Willpower point until the breach has been repaired. In addition, it becomes almost impossible for them to hide their emotions, or their own secrets. (It's possible to if they spend a Willpower, but that adds up quickly.) The repairing of the breach will fix this problem.

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