Totem of War Background Cost: 5

Flea smites her enemy with small, frustrating blows that hinder his ability to perform. She also defies her opponent to catch or kill her, using her leaping ability to avoid capture and her armored body to absorb even the worst damage. She (and her followers) are not particularly strong, and because of her fighting style, the Garou unfortunately see Flea as a coward. Her followers are seen as similarly craven. As a result, followers of Flea are rarely regarded as Glorious. Indeed, only Bone Gnawers, Ragabash, Metis, and other derided and outcast Garou follow Flea.


  • Her followers gain the use of the Gifts: Luna's Armor and Leap of the Kangaroo.
  • They are also very hard to hit in general. (+1 to Dexterity when in situations where they are avoiding being hit; it does not help with grace, or hitting things, or recovering from a fall. Merely avoiding being hit.)
  • Given this fighting style, their opponents are often confused or distracted while fighting them. (-1 to perception/alertness sorts of rolls.) In addition, if they plan ahead, their Totem can send a swarm of fleas to further physically distract and annoy foes. (Like the Gnawer Gift, Scent of Sweet Honey, but flea-focused.)


  • Flea asks that her followers let her people live in peace. (You can't scratch, you poor mutt.) They therefore find it somewhat hard to interact with humans and other Garou, given their obvious vermin problems.
  • Flea does, however, relieve the some of the itching for her followers who faithfully follow this ban. For those who break it, the itching and the concomitant social issues rise to a fever pitch until Contrition is performed.
  • Followers of Flea often find themselves trying to avoid notice, and find it, therefore, even harder to gain rank than they otherwise might.
  • They are often viewed as inglorious and dishonorable.

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