IC Information
Full Name: Fitz
Deed Name: Fits
Gender: Male
Age: 20s (apparently)
Breed: Metis
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: 1 (Cliath)
Sept Position: Scumbag with a big mouth.
Pack: None
Height: 6' (approximately)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
OOC Information
Theme Song: "You Make Me Sick" (Ugly Kid Joe)
Status: Active
Player: Hazmat

Fitz has spent his entire life being told that he's scum -- by his elders, by other cubs and cliaths, even by the older metis who grudgingly raised him ("Because I always get the shit jobs," she often complained). After a lifetime of such treatment, he's settled into being exactly what he's always been told that he is.


Before St. Claire

Born on the outskirts of Boston, he's the product of a manipulative cuss of a male Adren Shadow Lord Ragabash whose charm overcame the scruples of a rather naive female Cliath Fianna Galliard who was related to one of the Fens' more important families. The Shadow Lord fled as soon as the pregnancy became known, escaping judgement; his current whereabouts are unknown. The young Fianna was afforded some mercy due to her youth and inexperience, but after Fitz was born, she was exiled from the Sept.

Fitz was thus raised by another Metis, an old female known as Rose the Rock-Grinder. Like most young Metis, he was kept in isolation (read: chained to a wall of a basement on the very outskirts of a far Boston suburb) until he could shift forms. Afterward, he was given an abbreviated cub education (little more than the basics) and then shoved into a Rite of Passage with two other cubs, both homid. He wasn't being actively sent off to die, but neither would the Sept have minded if he had died -- and everyone knew it, including Fitz. The three cubs cleared out a small nest of fomori and participated in the Rite of Cleansing for the site, fairly standard stuff. The homids talked, then, of finding a third to start a pack with -- Fitz was rather vehemently not invited.

He's never been fully integrated with the Fens or Fianna culture; they're a traditional bunch in Boston and of course his parentage was especially painful and ignoble. He might have made friends with the local urrah, especially the Gnawers, but he was such an asshole that he quickly alienated the few people who tried to extend a hand in friendship.

Fitz didn't stay in Boston long after his Rite of Passage, and nobody there was sorry to see him go. He's spent the last several years wandering from Sept to Sept, never staying for more than half a year or so. His most recent stop was at the Sept of the Lone Oak in northwestern Oregon; he fled during the recent Wyrm attack -- as soon as it was clear that the Sept could not stand against the enemy and would fall (which of course it did).

He feels guilty about this, though one would be hard-pressed to get him to admit it with anything resembling sincerity.

Current Events

Fitz slouched into St Claire in late November 2014 and took a stop in one of the city parks to check his map and be an asshole to some weird homeless chick and the guy talking her up. [1]


Strength:    3	 Charisma:     1   Perception:   3    Willpower:   6
Dexterity:   3	 Manipulation: 3   Intelligence: 2    Gnosis:      3
Stamina:     4	 Appearance:   3   Wits:         3    Rage:        6

Backgrounds: Rites 1, Totem 3, Past Life 1

Gifts: Resist Toxin, Perfect Recall, Primal Anger

Rites: Feed the Earth (0), Rite of Talisman Dedication (1)

GM Info

METIS FLAW: Rage seizures. Symptoms display when checking for frenzy. 1-3 successes on a frenzy check result in noticeable symptoms -- shaking, twitching, stuttering, excess saliva -- more obvious at 3 success than 1. At 4-5 successes (normal frenzy), make a Willpower roll vs 9 and get at least one success to proceed to normal frenzy. Otherwise fall to the ground in current form writhing uncontrollably for a dramatically appropriate amount of time (usually the amount of time that a frenzy would last). 6+ successes (Thrall of the Wyrm) result in extremely violent seizures _in Crinos_ which last until unconsciousness, usually causing injury to himself (e.g. biting through tongue) or possibly to others (if attempts are made to hold him down, drag him elsewhere, etc). Aftermath of seizures always physically and emotionally draining; the more violent/lengthy the "fit" the longer the time to recover.

PHYSICAL: Good at using what Gaia gave him -- fists, feet, teeth, claws, fangs, etc. A dirty fighter. Not the greatest but above average. Decently athletic and pretty darn sturdy; he's very experienced at taking a beating.

SOCIAL: Asshole, jerk, loudmouth, dirtbag, shithead, kind of has a compulsion to say whatever comes to mind, even if it'd get him punched. Especially if it'll get him punched. Likes stirring shit, likes attention, even negative attention.

MENTAL: No formal education at all. Knows what a Cliath would be expected to know about Garou stuff, though poorly integrated with Sept culture in general and Fianna culture specifically. Can read and write and pass for human, albeit scumbag human.


A Jon Moxley promo demonstrating Fitz's voice and mannerisms.

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