• Pack Name: Fidelity
  • Spirit Name: Skokiaan
  • Spirit Nature: Respect
  • Spirit Type: Sphinx
  • Creation Date: August 2007
  • Departure Date: Current
  • Territory: Regan Avenue from the Pool Hall to the Regan Hope Project (Regan Avenue, Downtown and part of Regan Avenue East, Downtown) and south to Holland Place (part of East Bridge Street).

Notes: Fidelity in name, fidelitous in deed. This group has come together under the auspices of Sphinx to solve the riddles of their own lives. Stronger together than they ever could be apart, the pack is found both on the bawn and in their territory around the pool hall and the Regan Hope Project. They seem to consider it their mission to follow loose threads that others may leave behind, tugging until the tapestry is clearly seen and can be dealt with entire.

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