Fianna Tribal Glyph

Skilled singers and musicians, the Fianna seem almost schizophrenic at times. On the one hand, they are happy-go-lucky roustabouts, always with a song on the lips and a brew in the hand. They are renowned for their wit and charm. When angered, however, these descendants of the mighty dire wolf are among the most savage and merciless of all the Garou.

The Fianna serve as the lorekeepers and waysingers of the Garou more than any other tribe. Their ties with faeries are extremely strong -- no other tribe of Garou is as friendly with the Fey. Additionally, as a tribe they are very close. Only recently have the Fianna begun to splinter from their very tight-knit group-within-a-group -- slowly they are becoming divided in their response to the Irish Republican Army and other issues concerning their homeland of Eire.

Today the Fianna live for a good scrap, whether it be against the forces of the Wyrm or just a friendly, relaxing barfight. They are also masters of song and tale, passing on the legends of the Emerald Isle to generation after generation over a warm fire and a pint of stout. The Fianna have had a glorious past and, despite dark tales of the coming Apocalypse, believe they will see a bright future as well.

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