Totem of War Background Cost: 4

The Norse Wolf-God of legend, Fenris is bloodthirsty, powerful, and strong. He expects no quarter and gives none. His is a warrior way. He only chooses a warlike Pack, and he prefers those who make war their only concern. His patronage enhances the physical attributes of his Packs and earns them great Glory. The Get of Fenris tribe will respect the Pack a little more and will constantly ask them to accompany them on wild, frenzied hunts. Black Furies, on the other hand, will not look on them kindly, and rarely if ever will join a Fenris pack.


  • Packmembers may increase (by 1) any given physical attribute. Fenris, knowing his Children's desire to test themselves, allows them to change that attribute at the full moon of every month, so that they can learn to fight anew with different skills.
  • Those Get who follow the traditions of the Norse Berserkers (and/or know the Rite Heart Of The Berserker or the Gift Wearing the Bear Shirt) are seen more favorably by the Totem. (+1 to soak rolls in the Realm or Umbra.)
  • Children of Fenris who frenzy will be quite intimidating to their enemies, be they Garou or otherwise. (GMs: occasional roll for intimidation purposes.)
  • Those who pack under Fenris can quite often, via feats of strength, break bonds or other physical restrictions. (This does not necessarily apply to actual cells.)


  • Fenris encourages frenzy during a fight (-1 to frenzy rolls), and if his packmembers use willpower to resist a frenzy, Fenris will remove his advantages for that fight, and the next one. Given this ferocity, Fenris packs are not perceived as Wise, and often other Garou will let them lead in battle. (So as not to be in the way as they begin cutting a swathe. Friendly fire isn't.)
  • They must never pass up the opportunity for a challenging fight. If they pass up even small (but challenging) fights, they will soon become clumsy in both battle and everyday life; this will continue until they face their Totem in battle. (-1 dexterity per fortnight, cumulative, until resolved.)
  • They must always be testing themselves in some fashion, or Fenris will remove his favor. (This can involve the learn system, or it can just involve learning new techniques.)
  • In addition, they are only occasionally seen as Glorious, since Fenris focuses only on battle, to the detriment of the other tenets of Glory. Indeed, in their ferocity, they often have trouble communicating and gaining friends or, indeed, allies. (-1 to Manipulation and Charisma in social situations.)

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