Totem of Respect Background Cost: 5

Falcon is the essence of old-style honor and nobility, seeking those who would lead the Garou in word and deed. He himself is still barely managing to hold out against the modern calcified Silver Fang conceptions of honor, which often has more to do with breeding and titles than true leadership; instead he continues to promulgate his own more traditional sense of noblesse oblige. But just as Totem affects Garou, Garou affect their Totems, and Falcon, slowly, is falling into the Fangs' insanity. For now, though, He grants his followers an implacable aura of leadership and personal power. The Garou, however, particularly the Silver Fangs, consider him to be the source of their more human-influenced codes of honor and nobility, and will often throw themselves at an enemy if they have accrued dishonor.


  • All pack members' words are unquestionably golden with respect to other Garou. Falcon is the very embodiment of honor, and her children are the same.
  • Garou are predisposed to follow those packed under Falcon. Any Garou of lesser or equal rank--and especially those without great strength of will--feel nigh-compelled to follow when leadership is offered. Any Garou of lesser or equal rank who publicly and/or vocally refuses to follow Falcon's lead will typically be regarded as dishonorable and/or a foot-dragger. (or, in game terms, Leadership +2)
  • All pack members can expect to be welcomed and given the best food and lodging available at any Gaian Garou sept or household they visit--regardless of circumstances.
  • The better to help his children lead, Falcon grants them strength of will. (+3 willpower per packmate, per fortnight.)
  • Birds of prey will sometimes aid them in their Realm battles.


  • Falcon himself requires that His children strive to lead the Garou, in some fashion, or he will no longer gift them with his presence.
  • Should a pack member ever commit a dishonorable act or be found guilty of violating the Litany, the offending member must attempt to make amends for the misdeed, be it Contrition or solving the conflict they have created; their totem boons will no longer apply until they have made amends. If it proves impossible to restore their honor followers of Falcon will often aim for redemption through glorious death in battle.
  • Should a pack member ever intentionally breach the litany or commit an act of dishonor, their Totem avatar will abandon them. Their tie to their pack is severed immediately and, if the pack member is a Silver Fang, they will be ostracized by the tribe, and, depending on the gravity of the offense, be disinherited by Falcon Himself. Many Silver Fangs will aim for a glorious death at this point, while members of other tribes will still face severe social ostracism once their abandonment is discovered. Their Septmates and their Totem will no longer consider them truly honorable leaders (nor will Falcon lend them his aid) until they have made amends.

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