• Pack Name: Eternal Vigilance
  • Spirit Name: Silverwings
  • Spirit Nature: Respect
  • Creation Date: Early Spring 2008
  • Departure Date: Departed from Hidden Walk in Dec 2008
  • Members:
ALPHA:Logan Hartwood, ~Shield-of-Honor~; Fostern Silver Fang Ahroun
BETA: Alyssa Aldridge, ~Speaks-of-the-Black-Days~; Cliath Silver Fang Theurge
Others: Brooklyn Billingham, ~Dreams-While-Waking~; Cliath Silver Fang Galliard


This pack was one of the NPC visitor packs involved in the Feature Story: Near Nature. Near Perfect.
Eternal Vigilance's sept was one of those who had been hit by Carnage's forces in the past. When word from the Hidden Walk reached their sept of Carnage's whereabouts, this pack was sent ahead to help aid in the battle as well as tender a little revenge on the sept's behalf against Carnage's forces. Considering the small size of the pack, the sept is also assumed to be fairly small.
They returned to the Lone Range sept in Wyoming after the Spokane battle and seeing off the safe return of the other packs on their way back home.

Additional NPC Notes:

Logan wields a Klaive named Moon's Bright Eye, a fetish passed down to him through his family for many generations past. The klaive was renowned in the Hartwood house to have the power to cancel out supernatural darkness within a 200-foot radius to the point of providing light equivalent of a full moon night. Bound within the klaive is a rare Lune Jaggling.
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