Edgewood House
IC Information
Other Names: Sept Safehouse
Location: Off Sunrise Road (near the western edge of the bawn)
IC Owner: unknown
OOC Information
Jump_OK? #2007

Basic Information Edit

Edgewood House is the current safehouse used by the sept after the loss of the former, the Escrowe homestead. It is a moderately sized farmhouse style with an attached garage-barn and grounds.

The home's purpose is both as a general safe house for the sept as well as a temporary residence for cubs, kin, and visitors alike who haven't been vetted to enter the nearby bawn or who just have nowhere else to go.

The house contains your basic amenities. It's a 4 bed, 3 bath farmhouse-style with no basement and laundry on the first floor. One bedroom upstairs has been converted into a bunk room to house more individuals. The other remains a single room, to be used by the Den Mother/Father when one is present or important visitors who require privacy. What was the master bedroom serves as a multifunction room, with storage shelves for supplies, a repurposed poker table for folks to sit and gather, and some various seating that all pull out to be well-worn but usable sleeping arrangements when there's overflow. The last bedroom is converted into a sick room.

A passageway leads from the all-purpose room to the upper floors of the garage and contains yet more storage shelves, from plastic to old wooden ones. Though only known to leaders in the sept (+elders list has access via key, others do not) one of these shelves hides a small and shallow steel-lined room containing fire and water proof lockboxes housing important documents, some spare weaponry, and fetishes the sept owns.

History Edit

Actual ownership is unknown to this author, please update, along with the history of how the house was first established.

In 2016, the wraith forces and Black Spiral Dancers under order of Queen Rancordiant struck and overran the house. While the sept knew it was coming and had moved anything valuable out, they were too numerous to drive off. It was retaken after the destruction of the Queen by sept forces and assistance from Turtle, though the damage was extensive.

As of late 2016/early 2017, reconstruction is still ongoing along with new modifications to the house. Some descriptions of the house may not yet be available at the time of this being written but have been included for future reference.

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