Caern of the Earthspine
Location: Near Rocky Flats, Colorado
Composition: Silver Fangs, Get of Fenris, other tribes
Totem: Falcon
Nature: Visions (Level 3)
OOC Information
Player Contact: Staff

History Edit

Named 'Caern of the Spine of Grandmother Earth' by the Uktena and Wendigo who founded it in the late 1300s, it was shortened by the Get and Fangs who took it in the early 1800s to 'protect' it from the Wyrm. Since then, the Fangs have ruled, using the Get's power; these two predominate, though the Caern is open to all. The Caern has been fairly quiet since the Crisium pack left though Black Spiral Dancers may be returning, and Fomori are once again working the nuclear plant.

Former Residents Edit

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