Totem of Respect Background Cost: 6

Eagle is a totem of Respect, an honorable creature that guides his children from above, as he rules the upper air. He watches from afar, noting changes, and warning his children of possible dangers. To aid them, he teaches his children his alertness as well as the gift Eye of the Eagle. All of Eagle's children may speak with his earthly representatives without a special gift. For their alliance, they receive Honor, although any pack wishing to ally with him must seek Eagle out in the Umbra and convince him of their honorable intent and their own worthiness. Once, humans trained eagles to be wolf hunters, but the ultimate purpose of this training is unclear. Some Garou speculate that it was a war on the Garou and that Eagle teaches his children out of guilt and sorrow. Others claim that the hunts were attacks on Black Spiral Dancers and that Eagle's alliance is born from a long standing history of aid.


  • +2 to Alertness dice pools.
  • Gift: Eye of the Eagle.
  • 2 points of temporary Honor.
  • Each pack member can communicate with eagles without the need for a special gift.


  • Children of Eagle must prove their dedication to their totem by periodically leaving some appropriate food item in a place frequented by eagles. Yes, this means a side of beef or an entire sheep way up on a mountain.
  • Should a child of Eagle ever earn dishonor, Eagle will leave them until they have made restitution.
  • Children of Rat mistrust Eagle, while Falcon tends to view them as worthy and honorable, but still competitors.

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