• Name: Caern of Dry Thunder
  • Location: South Valley, Arizona. Somewhere near Ironwood Forest National Monument. Neighboring cities like Tucson are reserved for visitors to stay.
  • Composition: Uktena, some Gnawers and Walkers, No Get of Fenris or Fianna
  • Totem: Eagle
  • Nature: Honor, Willpower
  • Level: 2
  • Sept Alpha: Arrieta Zuza, ~Sting-of-the-Scorpion~ Athro Homid Uktena Philodox
  • Caern Warder: Michael Greene, ~Strikes-Without-Thought~ Adren Homid Uktena Ahroun
  • Moon Bridges: Unknown

  • Additional Notes: In late 2008, the Rite Of The Shattered Soul was used in punishment at this sept. It's likely to have been heard of, since it's a rare and harsh rite.

This Sept is comprised mostly of Uktena, but there is a healthy population of Gnawers and Walkers from the nearby cities. Other tribes are, of course, represented, but nowhere near as heavily. The caern is partially open for visitation, but visitors are /highly/ screened and almost never allowed into the caern without a Guardian present beside them. They haven't let a Get of Fenris or Fianna into the caern in decades. Maybe even a century.

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