Dreams are another Realm.

Every now and then those associated with the Sept report that they have had a dream. Sometimes they share the dream with others, even non-Garou. Most dreams begin in the same place, a crossroads where four dirt tracks meet. One or two dreamers have found that they returned to the same point in the same dream where they previously woke up part way through. Some brought things back from this dreamscape, upon waking...

With Chimera's departure from the Caern, it seemed the dreams had stopped... but perhaps not.

  • Characters:
    • Major Characters: Various
    • Potential Characters: Any, including Garou, kin, other Shifters, Mages... pretty much anybody except vampires.
    • Characters Needed: Anyone who wants to join in!
  • Information:
    • This is a slightly different flavor of story, with scope for independent exploration and character advancement. Combat is possible, depending on choices made, but death is highly unlikely. It is likely to appeal more to those who like to investigate, question and discover rather than those who want a lot of physical action. Theurges and others of a similar mind would be able to find things of special interest to them, but there is something for everyone, for those who search hard enough and long enough.
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