Pack Name: Dreamrunners

Spirit Name: Reisig

Spirit Nature: Wisdom

Spirit Type: Unicorn, possibly Black Unicorn

Creation Date: Unknown.

Departure Date: September 2000, after Derrick was exiled, and Defends-Wolves and Michelle left.

Members:: Alpha was Nightflash (later known as Nightfire), beta was Rides-Fire. Other members included Michelle Porter ~Chooses Her Battles Wisely~, John Scott ~Defends the Wolves~, Casper ~Eyes Of A Child, Derrick Herr ~Falcon's Wing, Stormcloud, and Athena Rends-The-Dark.

Dreamrunners was an action-oriented team of healers, aiming to help defeat blights and smaller menaces and then, more to the point, Cleanse them. (For example, they planted a spiritually powerful tree which would help to Cleanse the site of the former Power Plant.)

Their territory was directly south of the Bawn, between WWNP and the train tracks, including the Lonely Hilltop, but they went where they were needed.

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