Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 4

Dragonfly is ancient, older even than the first shifters, the Lizard Kings. He was born when the world was young, and with those magnificently prodigious compound eyes of his, he has witnessed every age of Gaia. He carries those memories with him, imparting some of this important knowledge and wisdom to his best children. He is a fierce predator, using his skill and agility, not to mention those four, elegant and elongated membranous wings, to master the air. He has come to stand for many different things to many people, but he keeps his true nature a closely guarded secret, hidden behind a myriad of colorful guises. Dragonfly has, over the millennia, encouraged these strange and erroneous ideas about him -- like 'The Devil's Darner', 'The Water Witch', and 'Snake Doctor' -- in order to safeguard that true nature of his. Therefore, he is very particular about his children, and only truly trustworthy garou will find favor with him.


  • Children of Dragonfly gain some of his remarkable acrobatic prowess in battle by 'catching air'. When leaping, jumping or even falling, pack members may, if they so choose, 'hover' for an extra one or two rounds. During this 'air time', the garou may make other, normal actions as long as they make sense for the circumstances (GM's Discretion). They may also use these pauses to make sharp turns, right angles or even turn around completely, but their momentum will still carry them in their original direction. (This does not save them from the consequences of momentum, so they should still beware the thousand foot drops.)
  • Children of Dragonfly, once a year in the spring, must undergo a metamorphosis. First, the garou must make some personal change in either their appearance or their personal life. It can be as simple as a hairstyle or as profound as a new name, but it must be a sincere effort. The garou then cocoon themselves somewhere dark and safe for a period of two to four days, wherein they enter a deep sleep. If performed correctly, when they emerge Dragonfly will gift them with ancient knowledge or lore, perhaps even something from the first age of Gaia. His garou may also attempt this ritual at any other time in the year in order to gain some specific knowledge, but they do not undergo such things lightly.
  • Dragonfly's children learn a new howl---an ululating song that mimics the rattling buzz of his four-winged flight. Used as a battle-charge, this can be slightly distracting and disconcerting to enemies. It leaves them unable to prepare an initial defense, and may well affect concentration during the battle.


  • Dragonfly requires that his children look after his young, keeping the ponds and streams where he breeds clean, pure and free of any insecticides. Like most insect spirits, Dragonfly loathes these Wyrm and Weaver tainted poisons. Not only do they kill his children, they kill the insects he preys on. His garou children must not ever use them, and they must work to keep them from being used whenever they can.
  • Children of Dragonfly are compelled to wear something, or accessorize in some way by using vibrant colors. This does not mean they dress in loud plaid pants and Hawaiian shirts, but at least one aspect to their appearance will be bright, vivid, and draw attention. Some children of Dragonfly like to get tattoos using bright reds, greens and blues---many even use his likeness.
  • For centuries Dragonfly has been draped with an unearned reputation as a biter and stinger. His children must share this reputation with him. Though the spirit offers no actual boon to bite, claw, or combat attack, other garou may perhaps perceive his garou as unpredictably vicious.

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