Totem of War Background Cost: 5

Dog is a survivor. The skulker in alleys, the scrounger, and (of course) Man's Best Friend. Some say Dog is an honorless slave to the ways of the Weaver and the humans. Yet others know that Dog can dwell where Fenris Wolf cannot, and he battles the Wyrm exceptionally where it most lives and breeds: The Scab. Dog is canny and streetwise, and his incredible nose searches out the enemy's strongholds in the city. Packs who follow Dog can expect to suffer bias from the more traditional of their garou brethren, but the totem makes up for this by gifting his children with an array of tricks, talents and tenacity, all of which combine to make the children of Dog fierce and intractable warriors.


  • Scrounging: No child of Dog ever goes hungry or lacks a den. Whether sniffing out the half eaten burger in the dumpster, or begging at the back door of the newest cafe for the day's leftovers, or stealing the pizza right off the delivery bike at a red light, Dog ensures that his children have the skills to survive. (+2 to any social or action roll involved in procuring food, shelter/lodging, or comfort)
  • Pack Fighting: Like wolves, dogs are at their best in packs. Children of Dog have an uncanny ability to work together in battle. They're exceptional coordination means that no wyrm thing ever likes facing a pack under Dog. (+1 to all attacks when two members of the pack are fighting together, +2 to all attacks when three or more members are fighting together)
  • Tracking: 1 packmember per scene may use Sense of the Prey.
  • Nature: Dog is uncomplicated, and he readily appreciates life's small blessings. Followers of Dog are quick to forget sorrow and setback, finding it easier than most to get back on their feet and on with life. (+1 against all harano rolls)


  • Nature: Dog sees the world in simple terms, and as a result situations are often viewed in a black-and-white spectrum, leading the pack toward the most direct solution to any problem, regardless of circumstances.
  • Territory: Children of Dog are fierce about their territory. All Dog packs *must* claim and tenaciously maintain a territory. As long as the territory is patrolled and defended regularly, the pack will perceive any subtle but significant changes within (GM's discretion for plot hints). Any pack that does not remain vigilant will incur the wrath of their totem and fall out of favor.
  • Children of Dog are often perceived as lesser, or inferior by some of the more traditional garou, although some Bone Gnawers and select Glass Walkers may actually secretly admire them. Children under Dog must work to overcome this prejudice.
  • Dog is all about loyalty. His children need to trust one another, and they must always present a solid front to those outside the pack. Any discord will be perceived as weakness, and this may lead to the pack losing favor with their totem.

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