Dirk Duncan
IC Information
Full Name: Theodoric "Dirk" Duncan
Deed Name: ~Cries Glory Above the Din of Battle~ , ~Battlecry~
Gender: Male
Age: 342 (October 8, 1670) Edinburgh, Scotland
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: 3 (Adren)
Sept Position: Silver Fang Elder
Pack: None
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 176
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Conformist
OOC Information
Theme Song: Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens - Skyrim Theme
Quote:  !?
Status: Active.
Player: Ishmael

Character InformationEdit

Much of this information is for my own benefit, as I am prone to forget, and Dirk is not!


Originally from the Sept of the Thistle and Spear circa the late 1600s, Dirk was on an Umbral scouting mission when his pack was attacked by a bane known as Aka Mainyu. While the bane was defeated, the pack was crippled and whisked deeper into the Umbra, eventually separated by a Wyld eddy, what lead Dirk on a merry tour of several Umbral realms before he was dumped out in 2012 St. Claire just outside of Harbor Park.

'Rescued' by Flint, Alexandra, and Thomas, Dirk was held at the Tenement for a night before Shelby came to pick him up. Both Charley and Shelby provided Dirk with modern outfits, transportation, and schooling in modern technologies until Dirk decided to go on walkabout and learn about this new era of his own accord.


After helping Hidden Walk renew itself again, Dirk found himself adrift, and so sought spiritual counsel. With the help of Nieve, Dove appeared to him, and offered him a quest of chiminage and forgiveness. Motivated by this, Dirk traveled across the United States (all of it) to explore the 'New World', as he dubbed it, and help Garou and humans wherever he could. Specifically, he aided Bone Gnawers and the Pure Tribes, though he did not limit his aid to them, and he lived amongst the homeless where his rage would allow.


Dirk returned to Hidden Walk at the end of 2013 and claimed eldership of the Silver Fangs. Spurred to follow a life of contemplation, he established the Hermitage in June, after much preparation.


  • Dirk is the youngest of at least three brothers.
  • Dirk has an eidetic memory.
  • He had a bastard son with a woman named Mary a very long time ago (~1680s), which lead to some unspecified mini-scandal, the details of which he keeps to himself (except the child did not have enough PB to be a Fang proper).
    • Update: Dirk was lied to, as the child was indeed Fang material, and was later restored to his full Silver Fang birthright after agreeing to have all of the children the then-missing-and-presumed-dead Dirk could not.
      • His great, etc. granddaughter by this son is elderly, but very much alive (and a dirty old dragon, at that) and happy to bankroll him, provided he provides some basic services to the family.
  • Dirk wields a grand klaive known as the Aegis Radiant. All Dirk has mentioned of its history thusfar is that it belonged to his brother, who fell during the battle with Aka Mainyu. He now claims it as his own by right of blood and combat.

Charbit InformationEdit

  • On-Screen Date: Tuesday, Apr 10 2012
  • Creation Rank: Fostern
  • Departure Date: Active.
  • Log Journals : By Request.

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