• Creation Date: 2000
  • Creation Rank: Unknown
  • Departure Date: Dec 06 2008

Notes: Derrick died during the Spokane Battle against Carnage in 2008.

(+finger info) Derrick is, evidently, in town on a Fostern Challenge. Just what, specifically, it is, he's been vague on. But it does seem to have something to do with being banned from the Walk's Protectorate, some years back. (It also, apparently, had to do with making sure Cedric wasn't Elder anymore. Mission accomplished, totally by accident!) Derrick was Rited at the Walk, married at the Walk, and earned the rank of Fostern at the Walk. And then, after a series of Veil breaks (some his responsibility, some not), he was Satired and exiled. Since his return, he served as a temporary Guardian, and then joined Tenacity. (He's beta. Serving under a metis Alpha. Hm.) OOC notes: Charisma 4. (Feel free to spontaneously conclude he's just kinda neat.) PB 3. (Fang.) Perception 4. Rage 2.

Derrick lost his title of Silver Fang elder when he was ostracized following a veil breach involving the kinfolk Sheriff Theo Roosevelt. He was somewhat exonerated following his efforts to rescue the kinfolk after he was captured by DNA Incorporated.

He was Satired for those aforementioned efforts, and sentenced to exile.

His wife was Katrikki.

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Silverfang Elder
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