Dented Hubcap (Fallen)
Location: Detroit, Michigan (in the basement of a local bar of south-east Detroit)
Composition: Formerly Bone Gnawers
Totem: Formerly Sea Gull
Nature: Formerly Cunning
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Player Contact: Staff


Originally a Croatan Sept dedicated to Turtle in the days before the arrival of the Wyrmcomers, the Dented Hubcap existed on the banks of the Detroit River for a very long time. With the coming of the French and English and the subsequent destruction of the Croatan tribe, the caern itself fell dormant for a number of years. It was during the initial expansion of the Detroit metro complex that lead to the caern's rediscovery. Found by an ambitious and enterprising group of young Bone Gnawers in the early 1930s, the caern was eventually awakened, this time dedicated to Sea Gull, a scrappy war totem that is one of Rat's brood.

The caern was always small, the actual heart located in the basement of a neighborhood bar in a -very- working class section of the city that later became one of many abandoned buildings in the city, but the Gnawers were fiercely protective of it. As the city spiraled into decline starting in the 1970s, the Sept increasingly came into conflict with the Sabbat Vampires that began to exert influence and control over the city.

In 1997, the low-scale conflict finally exploded into outright war. The Sept finally fell and many Garou and kinfolk were slaughtered, scattering away from the city.

Former ResidentsEdit

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