When a normal human witnesses a Garou in the Crinos form, an instinctive fear will rise up out of the depths of human ancestral memory. This will first cause extreme and irrational fear reactions, which high Willpower may mitigate. After the fact, the fear will be replaced by a rationalization of the encounter. The human will reason in whatever fashion necessary that they saw something other than a werewolf. Repeated exposure to Garou in Crinos form, even in the best of settings, will drive most humans insane.

Certain humans, such as Kinfolk (those with Garou blood), those who are extremely aware of the supernatural (such as Mages), or those whose ancestors were never hunted during the Impergium may not have to later rationalize the encounter. These humans are called 'immune' to the Delirium. There are rumors that certain Wyrm agencies and a very few other organizations have discovered ways around the effects of the Delirium.

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