• Sepdet (the groundskeeper) has repeated last winters declaration that any Garou who can find food by means other than hunting must do so. If you wish to hunt game in the woods, speak to her. Stormcrow's farm is open to all who are willing to eat from Bear's table. In addition, Cyllan has offered her house as a place to come if warning is given in advance.
  • Treat the tablestone with respect. No sleeping on or under it, no leaving things around it. (Also from Sepdet)


  • Alex and Jossette are now the parents of twins. One boy, one girl.
  • David Blake underwent the proper rites and is now known as Dave, a Child of Gaia.
  • Harald performed a rite of Contrition (actually performed by Red Sky) to the glade spirits that he had harmed previously.


  • Unbidden (Ilya, Caber, ShadowDancer, and Kevin Callahan) went on a totem quest to find Stallion. Although they were successful, Caber was killed during the quest.
  • Gauntlet (Eligio, Hugin, Jeremy and Blight-Render) sucessfully completed its quest for Owl.
  • Thunder-of-Gaia and Swift Claws are looking to form a lupus heavy pack. Speak to them if you are interested.


  • Justice and Duskreader had it out over Duskreader's challenge. He lost, she almost frenzied, and both wound up missing a lot of internal organs. Red Sky (the Wendigo for those of you not pay attention) healed the Silver Fang, which raised a few eyebrows.
  • Anubis and Red Sky entered into a staredown which ended with Anubis deferring to the Wendigo.
  • Cyllan was successful in her fight against Maury. Maury had challenged, saying that Cyllan lacked the honor to rise to Fostren due to her Challenge of Stormcrow.
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