In the Gothic-Punk world, untimely death seems to happen more often than not. Garou: the MUSH has established the following guidelines concerning character death:

Death, by consent of the player whose character is dying, may happen at any time.

Death, against the will of the player whose character is dying, may only occur in situations being arbitrated by a GM. In such situations, the GM may rule that the character dies. An OOC warning (paged, whispered, @pemitted, or whatever) before engaging in particularly difficult endeavors is customary. E.g., 'GM whispers to Wrecks-Trains, "If you walk into the Prince's haven, you're going to die."'

Should a player feel unfairly treated in an arbitration, they may appeal once (and only once) to the wizards.

Dead characters are customarily dested after a week or slightly longer. This gives the player time to save any wanted text offline. New characters are applied for through, as usual.

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