Danny Hayes

Name: Danny Hayes

Age: 28

Occupation: Carpenter/Contractor

Tribe: Fianna

Originally from the Fens in Boston, this Fianna Kinfolk is a distant grand-nephew to Keeva. Danny is well-known in the construction circles as having a gift with carpentry. He has recently arrived in his old van with all of his precious tools, leaving behind many of his other possessions. Some say he's running from something, others say it's obvious he got on the bad side of someone with claws. Danny cannot speak due to an injury to his throat, and thus has to communicate with a notepad. He has a phone, but can only communicate on it with touch-tone.

This kinfolk is known for having great skill in replicating objects he's seen or touched, and, given the time and the right materials can often copy something smallish to an impressive degree. A Galliard from Boston tells of a tale during which Danny honed his abilities when one of the Ragabash wished to replace his theurge friend's talen with one that would not activate and went to the kinfolk for assistance. It took a while before the fake was recognized for what it was, and thankfully Danny was able to come out of that prank none the worse for wear, not to mention with a newfound reputation for being the go-to-guy to get keys made.

He has some skill with silver and metal working, and though he knows how to cast a fully-functional bullet or knife, he is no expert with firearms. Many of the items the kin creates bears a distinct feel of Fianna workmanship, and he is guilty of creating knotlike flourishes in most of his designs as a sort of "Made by Danny" insignia.

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Danny Hayes

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