Dana is kinfolk to the Children of Gaia, but later Awakened as an Orphan mage who later joined the Dreamspeakers. She planned to become a psychological counseler, but flunked out of graduate school when she missed too many classes in assisting the Garou in returning a thaumavore (magic-eating creature), which had been damaging and destroying nodes and glades around Saint Claire and WWNP, to Pangea.

She had dated Scott, a Silver Fang, for a time until an apparent falling out between them prompted Scott to put out a call for marriage-minded Fang kinfolk.

Dana eventually departed for Merriwether, Washington--her home town--where she had strong, long-standing ties to the local Children of Gaia garou.

Dana's status as a mage was announced at a moot, so it was relatively common knowledge among the local garou that she was a mage. Along with Chloe, Dana was likely one of the most widely known mages in the area.

Privately, Dana was previously a member of the Jedi Knights--a cabal of mages that included Gwyneth and Nicodemus. She was also a member of Nighfall Chantry, the Saint Claire chantry which consisted of generally 3-6 mages before the Chantry was destroyed.

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