Totem of Wisdom Background Cost: 8

Dana is a powerful Totem of the ancient Celts. Often thought to be a faerie spirit, Dana is actually the spirit of an ancient wise woman. In the Umbra, Dana gifts her Children with Second Sight, enabling them to see equally well through the Umbra and the real world. Dana gives the Garou an affinity with faeries, and enables them to enter Arcadia easily. They gain the ability to entrance listeners through singing or howling. Dana gives her Children access to primal memories, making it easier for them to learn ancient knowledges. Dana is a very hard Totem to reach, and thus does not often reveal herself to the Garou. In fact, not many Garou know of her. All Fianna will recognize and honor Children of Dana.


  • Gift: Pulse of the Invisible
  • Ability to entrance listeners through singing or howling (Manipulation + Performance, difficulty 8).
  • Pack gains Past Life 3 (not an actual affinity with Garou ancestors, but an ability to learn ancient knowledges and lore by accessing primal memories).


  • Dana asks that her Children honor her on the Solstices and Equinoxes with a Moot.

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