The Rage of a Garou has a palpable effect upon those near them. Humans and other prey can subconsciously sense how close a Garou is to her animal nature, and will react negatively. A good rule of thumb is to compare the target's Willpower and a Garou's Rage. If the Garou's Rage is higher, then the target will react badly. This means that Garou with high Rage cannot interact very well with human society. They will find their friends deserting them, shop owners keeping their hands on the shotgun under the counter, police hassling them, and other generally unpleasant situations arising. This can be a real shock for Homid Garou as they near their first change and their social life falls apart on top of everything else. Sometimes the Curse even affects wolves, as they sense something unnatural about the Garou.

See also 'news delirium' and 'news vei

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