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Staff Edit

Wizards The Mighty Wizards of GarouMush
wizards Same functionality as *Wizards, safety net for those that forget capitalization

Mundane Edit

Police The ones in blue
SCCU Those at SCCU
Street The streetwise ones

Sept Edit

Elders The Elders of the Hidden Walk (sept and caern)
Sept_Elders The sept elders of the Hidden Walk
Tribe_Elders The tribal elders of the Hidden Walk
Caern_Elders The caern elders of the Hidden Walk
Guardians The guardians of the Hidden Walk

Tribal Edit

Black_Furies Tribe of Black Furies
Bone_Gnawers Tribe of Bone Gnawers
Children_of_Gaia Tribe of Children of Gaia
Fianna Tribe of Fianna
Get_of_Fenris Tribe of Get of Fenris
Glass_Walkers Tribe of Glass Walkers
Red_Talons Tribe of Red Talons
Shadow_Lords Tribe of Shadow Lords
Silent_Striders Tribe of Silent Striders
Silver_Fangs Tribe of Silver Fangs
Uktena Tribe of Uktena
Wendigo Tribe of Wendigo

Auspice Edit

Ahroun Those of the Ahroun auspice
Galliard Those of the Galliard auspice
Philodox Those of the Philodox auspice
Theurge Those of the Theurge auspice
Ragabash Those of the Ragabash auspice

Packs Edit

Deep_Waters Deep Waters Pack
Excelsior Excelsior Pack
Fidelity Fidelity Pack
Heartwood Heartwood Pack
Otter_nonsense Otter Nonsense Pack
Sagacity Sagacity Pack
Winging_it Winging It Pack

Others Edit

Bastet The Feline ones
Corax The Winged ones
Kindred The Deathless ones
Kitsune The Many-tailed ones
Mages The Paradoxical ones
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