A Sept's Officers oversee the workings of the Sept and the Bawn under the leadership of the Sept Alpha.

Septs will vary on the names and sometimes even the presence of these positions, though they are all currently in effect on GarouMUSH's core Sept, the Triquetral Accord. At the Sept, the Officers and the Tribal Elders form the Sept Council, but in other Septs, the Council's makeup may vary.

The most up-to-date list of elders can be found on the MUSH with the '+elders' command. If this page is out of sync with that, please update below! (Last update: Oct 16 2017)

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Tribal Elders Edit

  • Black Furies: Monica
  • Bone Gnawers: Slug
  • Children of Gaia: Linnaea
  • Fianna: None
  • Get of Fenris: Emma
  • Glass Walkers: Mouse
  • Red Talons: None
  • Shadow Lords: Sandra
  • Silent Striders: Yael
  • Silver Fangs: None
  • Stargazers: None
  • Uktena: Reggie
  • Wendigo: None

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