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== Guardians ==
== Guardians ==
*[[Temperance]] ([[Zosia Sulkowski|Zosia]],[[August Kvintos| August]], [[Claude Gaultier|Claude]], [[Greg Richard|Greg]], [[Leila]])
*[[Blizzard's Teeth]]: [[Hummingbird]], [[Chulash]], [[Touch Deer]][[Hummingbird| ]]
*[[Sora]], [[Sera]], [[Melodie Rodriguez|Melodie]], [[Kate]], [[Earth-Whisperer]]
*[[Coup de Grace (Pack)|Coup de Grace]]: [[Icetrap]], [[Viv Smitt|Viv]], [[Phoebe Argyris|Phoebe]], [[Kathryn-Laura Cole|Kathryn-Laura]]

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The most up-to-date list of elders can be found on the MUSH with the '+elders' command. If this page is out of sync with that, please update below!


Tribal Elders



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