Totem of Cunning Background Cost: 4

The Cuckoo lays her egg in the nests of other birds. The chick then pushes the other squabs out of the nest, and the unsuspecting foster parents raise it. Likewise, the children of Cuckoo learn the ways of infiltration, and are challenged by their patron to attempt to enter Caerns, DNA offices and even Black Spiral Hives, and to attempt to pass by the authorities and guards as family. Those aligned with Cuckoo learn the ways of manipulation and subterfuge, and may well come to win prize fetishes and choice quarters in Septs, earning the resentment of more "deserving" Garou.


  • Packmembers who serve under Cuckoo are often good at persuading others to serve their ends, particularly when trying to gain entrance to a location, or further sneak about. (+1 on persuasive and manipulative rolls in these situations.)
  • They can, somewhat unreliably, communicate useful, detailed information via coded calls, sounding perfectly natural to whatever locale they are in. This is a more reliable effect in the evening. (1 in 4 chance of this working in daylight, 1/2 chance at night.)
  • They are, at times, able to blend in in covert situations. Guards will at times assume that the pack member is "one of us," and even a ranking officer will sometimes not think twice about the "tech" or servant in the corner. (Move along. There's nothing to see here.) It is extremely easy for those affected to snap out of this control, and the more the packmembers can improve the situation (clothing, accent, common language) the better. (These situations are therefore enhanced by prior planning.) Should the character draw attention to herself in any way (by attacking someone, breathing wrong, breaking character, dropping a spanner, or speaking loudly, for instance), the effect will disappear abruptly. In other words, get used to planning escape routes obsessively.


  • Cuckoo's children are opportunists who often seek to improve their pack's situation at the expense of others. Garou aware of the pack's affiliation will be very wary, and consider them dishonorable and disruptive influences.
  • Followers of Cuckoo, following her infiltrate-and-utilize policy, must either steal all their normal resources (clothes, food, money, etc.) from other sources, or have them given willingly by an unsuspecting victim. Persuasion and communication a plus.

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