During the time that cubs are becoming adult Garou, they should be learning factual details such as:

Physically, they'll be learning how to shift, how to use and (hopefully) enjoy their new forms, how to fight (both in homid and the other forms), how to reach into the Umbra, and so on.

Emotionally, they'll be (slowly but surely) giving up their old life and learning to adapt to their new one. They'll be learning how to fit into their auspice roles, what dominance and submission are like, what it's like to think less individualistically and more as a member of a group/pack, how to fit in as a member of their Tribe, and more.

Some of this may happen offscreen, but much of it is very interesting to play out, so feel free to encourage your elders about it. And even if it's playing out offscreen, your elders should be mailing you about progress.

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